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Odd Real Estate For Sale? Ideas On How To Make It Useful

Most real estate for sale is what you would expect it to be-- either residential or commercial. However, there are some odd properties out there that many assume can only be used for their original purpose. This is simply not so. If you spot these odd pieces of real estate, do not pass them up. Instead, look at them for the opportunities that they are, and consider these helpful ideas on how to make them useful again.

Old Banks

Old, abandoned bank properties are indeed a hard sell in real estate. They have those giant vaults and the counters for conducting transactions. Some have cubicles or conference rooms for meetings and meeting with bank loan managers. Indeed, they are an odd property, but you can turn them into so much more. For example, the vault could become a personal library or office space where you keep important books and documents. Each separate room and cubicle could become a bedroom. The open reception area can become a living room or great room. In short, it is very easy to convert a bank into a home, so long as the property has the right zoning permits for it.

Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream shops are easier to convert than you think. The freezer cases where ice cream drums once sat work well for both a bodega or a pet shop. In a bodega, the cases can house all kinds of frozen foods and snacks for sale. In a pet shop, you can keep the cases unplugged, section off the cases for different kinds of pets, and put the pets on display. People wanting to buy a puppy, a hamster, a guinea pig, etc., can come in and view the pets through the cases and ask the counter person to take pets out to look at and to hold.

Giant Victorian Houses

A giant Victorian house is a prize, but the maintenance costs are extreme. However, if there are more than enough bedrooms and areas to convert to living spaces, you can split the house up into a few apartments. Then you can charge rent to pay for the property and pay for its upkeep until you own the property outright. You can convert the property back to one complete house after that, or keep it as a moneymaker and continue to rent out the separate apartments you have created within its walls.

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