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3 Tips For Staging Your Bathroom Before Showing Your House

When preparing to sell your home, you are probably busy getting your house to show to potential buyers. While you are tidying and staging your living room and kitchen, may sure you pay some attention to your bathrooms to improve your home's appearance and salability. Below are three tips for staging your bathroom before showing your house.

Clear Away Your Family's Personal Care Items

The first thing you should do when preparing your bathrooms for a showing is to clear away all of your family's personal care items from view. When you leave your shampoo bottles and toothbrushes when a potential buyer looks into the rooms, they may only see clutter and a dirty mess, even if you have scrubbed every square inch of the bathrooms.

To make it easier on yourself and your family, have a waterproof bin for every member where they can keep their items. When they are finished with their personal care, they will have a place to store their products that they can remove from the bathroom before a showing.

Use Glass Cleaner to Make Your Fixtures Sparkle

Once you have removed all of the clutter in the bathrooms, you probably already know to give them a good cleaning. However, you also want the fixtures to sparkle and shine to give the bathrooms the appearance of being spotless, as well as creating a lighter atmosphere.

To make your fixtures sparkle, rinse them thoroughly after cleaning them. Then, use glass cleaner. The ammonia will remove any residual dirt and cleaner, as well as make your bathroom bright and shiny.

Replace Your Linens with White Ones

Another way to give your bathroom a new appearance is to replace all of your linens with white ones. Even though you may love your color-coordinated towels, rugs, and shower curtain, the added color may not appeal to a potential buyer.

However, white is a universal color that opens up spaces and reflects light, giving your bathroom a cleaner, brighter appearance. Since you want the white linens to keep their new appearance, only put them out before a showing. You can use the linens you enjoy in between visits from buyers.

The above tips are only a few ways you can improve your bathroom's appearance before showing your house. For more ideas and advice, speak with your real estate agent with whom you have listed your home for sale to have them give you additional ideas for staging your bathroom and all other areas of your house.