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Planning To Move Into A Tiny House In Retirement?

As you are approaching retirement, you may be looking to make a change when it comes to your home. You can sell off your large and expensive home to move into a tiny house, which will give you some additional savings and cut down on your expenses. That said, there are some things to consider when moving to a house that is much smaller.

Your Storage

The one change you'll immediately notice is that lack of storage that a tiny house has. It is easy to not realize how much stuff you own until you need to make the adjustment from a large house to one that is much smaller.

Before you move, you should consider selling or storing as many things as you can. Your goal should be to bring only the essentials to your new home, and you'll want to do it before you move.

Many retired homeowners decide it is the time to rent a self storage unit to hold seasonal items that they did not use all year round. This could include the Christmas tree, Halloween decorations, outdoor lights, and things like that.

Another idea is to purchase furniture that has storage inside it. This includes a bedroom set that has drawers built into the bed frame, or ottomans that have storage inside them. These ideas can really help maximize your space.

Your Guest Rooms

Another change that may not be as apparent is where guests will spend the night when they come to visit. Cutting back on bedrooms will save money, but you'll need a game plan for those few times a year when people come to see you.

You can gain some sleeping area back by getting pull out couches that have a bed built into them. You can also plan on purchasing an air mattress to set in the living room. Have grandkids? Plan on putting bunk beds in the second bedroom so they all have a nice place to sleep.

Your Living Area

A tiny home means that you'll be sharing close quarters with your spouse much of the time. You will want to find ways to create some isolated areas where you can just be apart at times. This could involve putting a comfortable chair in the bedroom so you can read a book in silence or ditching the PC and getting a tablet so that you can take it to another room.

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