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Home Features To Look For In Your Next Home Purchase

Buying a home is a big purchase with a great deal of expenses that can come up during the first few months of the purchase. But the type of home, its features, and the details in the purchase contract can help you save some money and get a good deal in the process. Here are some added home features and sales details that you can look for in your next home purchase to help you get a great deal on your real estate purchase.


When you are looking at buying a home, the inside of the home and what it provides to you is initially an important detail to consider when choosing a home. But the outside of the home can be just as important. If you are buying a home in the winter, for example, you should try to find out what the home landscaping looks like without a layer of snow and ice. Ask the homeowners if they have any pictures from last summer, preferably to find out what you are considering buying in terms of the landscaping. 

Adding in the landscaping of a home you just purchase can put quite a dent into your budget. And if you plan to spend any time outside in your yard with gardening, relaxing with friends, or hosting cookouts, for example, you will want a home that has some backyard landscaping to enjoy and to cut down on your extra expenses you will need to plan for.

If a home has landscaping, look to see if the trees are mature and large to provide a great deal of shade or if they are small and newly planted. Or if any of the yard trees include fruit trees, such as peach, apple, plum, or pear, as these can provide additional value to the home. These details may make a difference in your interest in the property.

Buyer Concessions

Another important detail to look at in a home for sale are any concessions the seller is offering with the sale of the home. Concessions in the purchase of the home can help save you money on initial costs with its purchase and can give you bonus in the form of new appliances, for example, or new flooring. You can find a seller who is willing to help you pay for some of the home's closing costs, buy a home warranty with the sale of the home, or provide buyer credits to you at closing to pay for such expenses as new carpeting or a new air conditioner with the home. 

Buyer concessions in a sale helps the seller find a buyer by enticing them with the promise of updates to the home. For example, if you were to buy a home with a buyer credit toward new carpeting, you would be able to select the color, style, and type of carpeting that would go in your home specific to your tastes. To learn more, contact a real estate broker in your area.